Sanbonani Resort and Hotel

"The Jewel of the Lowveld"

Great hospitality and a stunning location await guests at Sanbonani Resort & Hotel!

Nestled at the confluence of the Sabie and Sand Rivers, Sanbonani is in the heart of the Bushveld. Luxurious chalets overlook the tranquil rivers where hippos splash and crocodiles soak up the sun on the banks of the river bed, or spend time in one of the  chalets  where you can enjoy  the sound of the beautiful man made stream.  Relax on your patio with your own  wood braai area and enjoy a sun downer while soaking up the beautiful Lowveld sunset.  Spend time walking along the river banks or around the gardens and admire the amazing trees including some rare species. Socialise in the ladies bar or soak up the waters of the spectacular pool which is fed from an underground mineral spring.
Enjoy an early morning or a late afternoon walk along the magnificent Sabie River, amongst the beautiful indigenous trees. Here you can watch the Hippo’s play or enjoy the melodic sounds of the birds in the trees.


The beautiful Sabie River and the Sand River are Sanbonani’s borders, which forms a confluence at the bottom of the property.   We have a number of primates, animals and birds on the property, some of which are very tolerant of human presence and it is tempting to consider them as pets and feed them.  Please do not do this, they are wild animals. Feeding animals may lead to them becoming a nuisance and create a situation where they have to be destroyed.
We have indigenous trees, plants and grasses on the property.  In fact we have some unique species -- Thank you for not damaging and/or removing any plants.  Do not pick up wood for your fire, it may give off toxic fumes and poison your food that is cooked on that fire.  Plants, which are decaying, put nutrients back into the soil and create a living environment for insects.  Picking up plants, logs etc may be dangerous to you as they could hide a snake, spider or scorpion.
There is an abundance of bird life -  Some of the birds spotted at Sanbonani - Woodlands Kingfisher, African Pygmy kingfisher,  Spotted Eagle Owl, Barn Owls, African Wood Owls,  Fiery- Necked Night Jar, Egyptian Geese, Fish Eagles along the Rivers, Hadeda, Natal Francolins, African Hoopoe, Bearded Woodpecker,  Olive Thrush, Dark Capped (Blackeyed) Bulbul,  Purple Crested Turaco (Lourie), and Weavers - just to mention a few. There are Tree and Bird lists available at reception.