Timeshare Sales

Sanbonani Resort offers holiday investors timeshare.  Timeshare at Sanbonani is based on a floating fixed week calendar and is sold in 1 week modules on a shareblock basis.  The initial cost of purchasing a one-week's timeshare is entirely up to the seller and can vary considerably.  The main factors that impact on the price includes, the chalet size , chalet location on the resort and the time of year.
An investment in timeshare should not be viewed as a short term financial investment but as a long term holiday and leisure investment. One is purchasing  an opportunity  and a lifestyle that will reduce future holiday costs for you and your family.
Because lifestyle changes and families mature, flexibility and usage has been built into timeshare ownership.  Sanbonani is affiliated to RCI, which enables owners to exchange locally and internationally.   Sanbonani is a Gold Crown Resort which allows owners some excellent exchange values when space banking with RCI.
In addition to the opportunity to spacebank your chalet through RCI, you could make use  of the other leisure exchange clubs.   Sanbonani offers a rental pool,   whereby Owners are able to place their chalet in the rental pool 2 months before the week falls due.  For more information contact the Timeshare Administration Office.
Sanbonani Timeshare consists of  56  two -  and  20 three bedroom  luxury self catering chalets.

CONTACT DETAILS - Timeshare Management & Administration Office:

Reservations, Levy's, Sales and Re-Sales
Email : edna@sanbonanitimeshare.co.zaTel: 013 - 737 5600
Fax: 086 545 2076

Management, any  queries, compliments and/or complaints

Email : timeshare@sanbonanitimeshare.co.za Tel: 013 - 737 5600
Fax: 086 689 3806

Timeshare Account queries
Email : andre@sanbonanitimeshare.co.zaTel: 013 - 737 5600
Fax: 086 578 1755