Pause Spa & Wellness Centre

Theranaka Signature massages
African wood massage: 90min
A Deep Tissue Massage blending light stretching techniques and UNIQUE wooden Dumbbells to relax and restore a weary body.
Tri scented shea butter massage: 90min
Embraces all senses and elements of massage. Small blocks of aroma infuse Shea butter are placed on special trigger points of your body which will aid circulation, relaxation and clear areas of congestion.
African awakening massage: 90min
A detoxifying and relaxing massage that skilfully combines bicathing techniques that will awaken your senses and revive your body and mind.
Theranaka Body scrubs
Soothing & relaxing: 40min
Geranium & pine
Stimulating & detox:40min
Marula & Sandalwood
African Earth Body Polish (expecting mothers)
Body Wrap Treatments with Theranaka
Detoxifying mud wrap 60min
Uplifting mud wrap 60min
Relaxing aloe v,erox gel wrap 60min
Revitalizing gel wrap 60min
Muscle release mud body wrap 60min
Nurturing African Earth body wrap (Pregnancy) 60min
Body massages
Theranaka African fusion body massage: Recharge, peace, storm earth and vigour60min
Theranaka African vigour back massage 30min
Indian head massage 30min
Golfer sport massage 60min
Expecting "mother" earth massage60min
Lymph drainage *package available 50min
Couples massage 60min
Back, neck and head massage 60min
Head and scalp treatment 60min
Princess package (under 13)
Youth facial, mini manicure and mini pedicure 50min
Hand and feet treats
Spa manicure 50min
Spa pedicure60min
Theranaka hand ritual treatment30min
Theranaka foot ritual treatment 45min
*Include R200 extra for gelish overlay to your manicure and pedicure
Facials with Theravine
Appetizer facial 30min
Balancing facial 60min
Hydrating Facial 60min
Mature facial 60min
Intensive exfoliant peel treatment (special packages available) 60 min
Gold eye collagen treatment 20 min
Waxing Half wax 30min
Three quarter leg wax 40min
Full leg wax 45min
Bikini wax 15/45min
Brazilian wax 40min
Under arm wax 15min
Half arm wax 25min
Full arm wax25min
Lip chin wax (min each) 10min
Face wax 25min
Eye brow wax and shape 15min
Eye lash tint 50min
Eye brow tint15min
Lash and brow tint and shape 35min
Spa packages
Mother Earth package 4hours
Appetizer facial treatment and Theranaka ritual hand and foot treatment with an Earth body massage and Theranaka African earth nurturing body wrap. *Pregnancy safe.
Amarula delight 5 hours
Theranaka ritual hand and foot treatment with a body scrub and body wrap with a signature massage of your choice.
Men's revitalizing treatment 21/2 hours
Golfer sport massage with appetizer facial and classic pedicure.
Marula Package 4 hours
African awakening massage with Theranaka hand and foot ritual treatment and an appetizer facial.
Transformation Package6 hours
Signature massage of your choice including Theranaka hand and foot ritual treatment with an appetizer facial, body scrub and body wrap. Includes light lunch.
TheraVine TM 's facials provide the perfect skin maintenance to hydrate, rebalance, nourish and stop time in its tracks while its aroma & texture provides fora multi-sensory experience. Each of our treatments can be further enhanced with eye, hand, foot or scalp treatments for ultimate indulgence therapy.
Theravine Basic Facials
Theravine Appetizer Facial30 min
Experience an express Vinetherapy facial boost customised to your specific skin concerns in just thirty minutes.
Theravine Balancing Facial60 min
A deep-cleansing facial customised to gently remove surface impurities followed by a personalised mask while utilising specially selected aromatic botanicals for restoring balance to the skin, leaving your skin soft and restored.
Theravine Hydrating Facial60 min
A facial designed for extreme relaxation with the aromatic scent of essential oils designed to deeply hydrate yourskin, leaving you with a radiant complexion.
Theravine Mature Facial60 min
A facial performed to firm and visibly tone the skin whilst smoothing out wrinkles. Your skin is left looking serene and the complexion more radiant and uniform.
Theravine Specialised Facials
Hydravine Facial60 or 90 min
The perfect treatment for very dry, sensitive skin needing intense hydration and a vitamin boost. This facial helps restore the skin's hydro-lipidic film, by deeply hydrating skin with a revolutionary cloth mask containing HyaluronicAcid which intensely moisturises and 'locks in active ingredients for up to 3 weeks.
Theravine Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial60 or 90 min
The infinite replenishing treatment, assisting in reducing fine lines and wrinkles by implementing specialised boosters and serums to combat the signs of ageing. The products contain active peptides which help regenerate skin's collagen and elastin. A plasticizing paradox mask is applied to further enhance the actions of the active ingredients. A true time interceptor....
Nutrivine Therapack Facial75 min
An anti-oxidant, nutrient rich facial that nourishes and revitalises dull, fatigued skin types. This facial incorporates a specialised, warm multi-active grape- and linseed face pack which stimulates and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment. Skin is left feeling smooth, soft and radiant.
Aromavine Anti-Wrinkle Facial 90min
A facial like no other! Feel luxuriously pampered whilst enjoying a relaxing back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage before Muscle Relaxant ampoules are lavishly applied to your face in a specialised massage routine targeting the superficial and deeper facial muscles to assist in reversing time-ravaged skin, resulting in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and restored.
New Ultravine Advance Cellular Gold Facial 90min
The embodiment of science and opulence. Based on TheraVine TM breakthrough anti-oxidant technology, the Ultra Vine TM Advance anti-ageing concept promotes the skin's DNA repair system while luxuriously soft and delicately scented creams, serums and balms transport your skin to an advanced state of renewal and serenity. Our anti-ageing jewel, a collagen film mask imbedded with pure, soft 24K gold and sparkling diamond dust coupled with a concentrated serum infused with super-charged actives, will visibly tone, polish and brighten the skin leaving it glowing with illumination.
Theravine Intensive Exfoliating Facial60 min
A professional skincare treatment containing a 70% Glycolic Acid recommended for mature, sun damaged, wrinkled skins as well as deep acne scarring or other facial scarring. This peeling consists of a natural fruit acid of deeper concentration than enzyme peelings but is still a safer alternative to harsh chemical peels and resurfacing treatments. A course of peels is recommended.
Purifying Sebuvine Facial60 min
A specialized treatment recommended for those with oily skin, dilated pores, thick texture and constant shine. This treatment incorporates multi-active ingredients which help clarify, purify and re-balance the skin by normalizing the production of sebum and preventing blocked pores.
Acnivine Facial 60 min
This treatment is for those suffering with acne to help matify and stimulate cell renewal for the prevention of scars and excessive sebum production. The active products used helps balance the skin's micro-flora, decrease follicular inflammation, prevent the production of sebum and prevent the loss of hydration.
Theravine Timecare Eye Treatment 30 min
An intensive treatment resulting in the reduction of fine lines and easing of deeper wrinkles leaving your eyes fresh and rejuvenated — either incorporated into a facial or as a separate treatment.
TheraVine Pro-Youth range offers a selection of 2 cutting edge facial treatments. These treatment-led face formulations have been designed to specifically address the unique skin and lifestyle needs of a teenager and young adult.
The Pro-Youth range is comprised of a combination of active ingredients to help improve and maintain your skin. It consists of the latest, technologically advanced peptides, which help enhance the skins natural defence system as well as improve moisturisation and the appearance of skins prone to acne. Ultimately, the Pro-Youth Range is based on grape by-products and is therefore packed with antioxidants and skin purifying properties, giving you glowing and radiant skin!
TheraVine "Professional Youth Range" (i.e. 'Pro-Youth range') is designed to specifically look after and care for the youth's skin, delivering the very best in youth skin care.
Pro-Youth Facials
Pro-Youth Hydra-Matte Facial 45 min
A facial designed especially to keep your sensitive young skin shine free and moisturised, just the perfect balance for your changing lifestyle and growing skin needs. Deeply hydrating, it counteracts daily aggressors leaving you with a clear, healthy and radiant complexion.
Pro-Youth Clarifying Facial60 min
A specialised crisis specific treatment designed to target problematic skin types, helping clarify, purify and restore balance without dryness or irritation. Experience fast, visible results for a clear complexion and a luminous, even skin tone.


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