House Rules

Please take note of SANBONANI RESORT House Rules and Regulations:

  1. The Speed Limit on the Resort is 20 km/h. Please adhere to this limit for your safety and that of the other guests, staff and wild life.
  2. The Resort reserves the right to refuse admittance if the confirmation letter from the Holiday Exchange Club is not produced, or if the number of persons exceeds the number of occupancy per Chalet,  this includes children of all ages. i.e. a maximum of 6 People in a 2 Bedroom Chalet and 8 People in a 3 Bedroom Chalet.
  3. Arrival:  After - 14H00 and  Departure  - Before 10.00am (Fines of R200 per half hour can be levied, for guests leaving the chalets after 10H00). Guests who have extended their stay will be advised of their new Chalet number on the evening prior to their move.
  4. Chalet and/or unit assignment.  The Resort reserves the right to assign a different Chalet of the same occupancy to the one originally allocated.
  5. Strictly NO PETS ALLOWED (BIRDS INCLUDED) on the Resort or in the Chalets.
  6. No Fishing is allowed in the Rivers.
  7. Kindly ensure that doors / windows are kept locked at night and during the day when you leave your Chalet, and any fruit is kept well out of sight.  The resident monkeys have been known to try all in their might to get into a Chalet to get to a fruit display.  
  8. Kindly ensure that all valuables are locked away in your Chalet Safe at all times.
  9. No motorbikes are allowed on the premises without prior consent of Management.
  10. Parking on the grass is prohibited.  All vehicles and trailers are to be parked in designated areas. Visitors may park in a parking bay marked 'V' or in the central car park.
  11. Guests are not allowed to remove and/or disturb any trees, wood, plants, birds, animals or any other property belonging to Sanbonani Holiday Spa Shareblock Ltd and associated companies.
  12. Guest may not feed or harass any animal on the property.
  13. Swimming is restricted to the Swimming Pool only. Please Note: There is no life guard on duty at the Swimming Pool.  In an EMEGENCY - A Flotation station with a ring and crook is on the wall of the pool lounging area. Only proper swimming attire is allowed in and around the Swimming Pool. Children under 16 years should be supervised at all times. No glasses and or glass bottles allowed in the Swimming Pool.
  14. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades are not allowed in the Swimming Pool area and Central Complex.
  15. The Central Complex is a licensed area and no food and/or beverages are to be consumed around the Swimming Pool and Central Complex, unless purchased from the Restaurant or Bar
  16. No day visitors are allowed, unless specific arrangements have been made. - Contact Reception.
  17. No  braai's  (barbeques) are permitted unless in the designated braai area on your patio.
  18. Failure to abide by the Resort Rules may give rise to eviction at the Resort Managements sole discretion
  19. Please respect the tranquillity of the Resort and be considerate to other guests and keep the noise levels to a minimum after 21H00.
  20. Sanbonani Resort is reliant on Eskom and any possible power cuts or load shedding that may take place on the Resort is beyond our control and Sanbonani cannot be held responsible for any loss you may suffer as a result of any power cut.
  21. Incomplete buildings and construction areas are out of bounds to all guests.
  22. Sanbonani, The Proprietors, Directors, Management and their staff, will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to guests’ property or injury that a guest may suffer while on the property.

Right of admission to this Resort is reserved.  Any guest or visitor entering this Resort does so at his / her own risk, and on entry accepts the above-mentioned rules & regulations.